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This is the shocking story of Henry Bittle (James Letteri), a depraved man sent to get therapy from Court Psychiatrist Dr. Vanessa Ortiz (Felissa Rose, Sleepaway Camp) after having a violent breakdown at work.  The empathetic Doctor probes into Henry's hallucinatory mind looking for a way to understand his dark and violent fantasies through his past traumas and current behaviors.  As Henry details his bizarre, nightmarish, and shocking journey to the dark side, Ortiz soon realizes she may be dealing with a free man who has an ultimate fantasy of killing women so he can use their skeletons for sexual gratification! Can she stop him before it's too late?  Based on Conversations with an actual necrophile!


      JHCH Entertainment Presents- A Jeff Hayes Movie- GHOULISH- Starring: Felissa Rose- James Letteri

    Amber Mills- John Thomassen- Lynna Premo- Cheryl Hayes- Jamie Smith-Bonham- Andrew Cordio anD DarYL Wilcher as "Daddy D"- Special Make-Up Effects By: Jeff Hayes- Digital FX Consultant: Darren Byers

       Music By: Jeff Hayes- Associate Producers: Cheryl Hayes, James Letteri- Edited By: Jeff Hayes

                                        Written, Produced, and Directed By: Jeff Hayes

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