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The lovely Felissa Rose, best known for

playing "Angela", the unforgettable killer of the cult horror film "SLEEPAWAY CAMP" stars as an empathetic Psychiatrist determined to get to the root of a very dark problem!


With his strong screen presence and willingness to play even the darkest roles, James Letteri (best known for his portrayal as a bottom-of-the-barrel attorney in the short film "JUDY") is prepared to SHOCK you like never before!


Versatile character actor Daryl Wilcher, best known for playing "Riff" in the popular cult classic "Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland", stars as the pimp owner of a home escourt business catered to serve all varieties!


Flexible actress Amber Mills stars as an underestimated but resourceful yoga instructor who happens to cross paths with Henry and aims to maneuver her way out of becoming one of his battered victims!

John Thomassen as Thomas

Versatile character actor John Thomassen (American Brawler, Blue Lives Matter) plays Dr. Ortiz's intern, Thomas, who gets pulled into one of Henry's therapy sessions.  After hearing pieces of his bizarre story, Thomas cant help but to deem Henry as one bad cookie and fears for the dangers he presents in society.

Lynna Premo as Mrs. Crawley

Lynna Premo plays Mrs. Crawley, the boss you love to hate. Constantly giving Henry a hard time at work leads to some seriously demented consequences and amiable actress Lynna Premo (Grandma's Sloppy Seconds) is about to learn her lesson the hard way!

Cheryl Hayes as Krissy

Associate Producer and Wife of Director Jeff Hayes, Cheryl has dual roles in GHOULISH as Krissy, a rude co-worker of Henry's and also as a jogger Henry stalks through the cemetery and pulls into his dark fantasies.

Jill Lawson as Jogger Jill

Newcomer Jill Lawson stars as a jogger that Henry follows home as he finds himself on the verge of acting out.  It isn't long before Henry humiliates and degrades her with his deviant actions. Will she live to tell?

Lorenza Etienne as Nia

The beautiful Lorenza Etienne finds herself in Henry's basement bedroom...and what happens in there, you'll just have to watch and find out!

Jamie Smith-Bonham as Jamie Perkins

The mystery girl at the center of Henry's hallucinatory mind is Jamie, a young lady who was murdered and mutilated when Henry was a child. However, she seems to live on inside Henry's mind, talking to him and showing him cryptic messages.

Keith Gleason as Father Gleason

Creator of the "Hero Envy" comic series, the multi-talented Keith Gleason flexes his acting muscle as a priest sought out by Henry to discuss the "morality" of his issues.

Andrew Cordio as Stu

Horror movie actor Andrew Cordio (The Green Monster, Survival Camp) stars as the company "brown-noser," always looking to stiff Henry with his workload. His fun performance is sure to give you a laugh or two... but I don't think Henry's laughing! uh-oh!